Get me to the bar!

Anyone else getting a strong Coyote Ugly vibe from this outfit? The suede bomber and the silver boots combo AMIRIGHT? 

Also, thoughts on that bright pink lip? It looks so much more subtle when you are applying and then BAM, BARBIE. It’s only a MUA liner, £2.99 packs a punch! 

Suede Bomber - Charity Shop (Similar
Mermaid/Unicorn Top - Pep&Co (Similar
Wide Leg Trousers - ASOS
Silver Boots - New Look

So I know you are all dying to know about this jacket. I saw someone post an outfit on LookBook (check me out if ya have it!) about a year ago, wearing a suede skirt and bomber (I will be recreating this v soon) and I just knew I needed a suede bomber to add to my collection. 

Where did I find it? You can probably guess. CHARITY SHOP. I have found some real goodies recently, now is the time to go people! Everyone is getting rid of their unwanted xmas prezzies and starting the old spring clean, wardrobe clear out. 

Now for my top, I posted this on Instagram a while back (av a look) and it just speaks for itself really. SWIPEY SEQUINS. Just be careful when swiping in public though, as everyone will want a go. It might look a bit funny in the daylight if you know what I mean.. 

Moving on… Although I appreciate the unicorn, I don’t particularly familiarise myself with it, you know? However with hair like mine, I just had to succumb to the mermaid inside of me. (Also it was £6 -  straight in my basket.

All in all, I’m not 100% about this whole outfit but here we are anyway. That lip colour demands to be seen and I simply cannot neglect you from the wonder of the bargain this month! 

On that note, its now time for you (and I) to go and find the wonder of the cocktail bar. Put on some silver boots and sequins, get a couple of beers and bring the house down with your rendition of ‘Can’t Find the Moonlight.’ 

Coyote Ugly though. What a classic.



  1. That jacket!! Is so cool!!

  2. love your style!
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