Alright gals and guys. 

Its Saturday night, I am currently halfway through my FAMILY pack of mini eggs and I have no regrets. (honestly, these things are like crack)

I’m staying in because its the end of the month, I have -£17 in my account and I’m starting to get a bit of a cold. I needed a weekend in anyway… (I would SO be down the pub right now if I wasn’t broke, hows that for real life?!)  

So, I am going to carry on eating (shock) and watching 500 days of summer, and I’m going to talk you through my outfit choice. Here comes the waffling…

Cream Polo Neck - New Look
Leopard Cami - Primark (Similar)
Black Leather Mini - New Look 
Belt - Primark (Similar)
Silver Heel Boots - Office (Similar
Camel Coat - Missguided [old] (Similar
 Faux Leather Backpack - Primark (Similar

I bought this polo neck in the January sale for £4 and had every intention of layering it up as I’m not really a fan of it by itself, but you know, good winter warmer to have! 

The leopard cami was a dress (see here) and I cut it - I do this with so many of my clothes, I get so scissor happy it’s unreal. Does anyone else do that? Just cut sleeves off here and there, alter the length of a hem or a neckline? I am terrible

Faux leather skirt? I bought this as a last minute option for new years eve. Its a little loose on my waist and I wish it was more A-line but I’ll just whack a belt on and I’m good to go. I fix a lot of outfits with a belt, thats the reason I have about 9 or 10, not because I’m a hoarder…

Tights? The blogger no go, if they are anything over 10 denier then you are cast into the world of grandma. Why is that? I love me a fishnet and a sexy thin pair, but lets be realistic. The thin ones, bloody freezing. I pulled a hole in my first pair and my fishnets looked like I had been savaged to death by a badger.

I have no idea how it happens? I only fell over twice last time I went out. (doing an Irish jig to “c’est la vie” is not safe when the floor is covered in vodka)

So gimme warm tights plz, Doris is still blowing a gale outside!

Now, enough rambling, I threw on some classics to finish up. My first camel coat, my god-knows-what-number black boots and second faux leather backpack (unintentionally matching the skirt). 

So there you have it. An odd blog post written, 500 days of summer has just finished and I probably have about 20 mini eggs left. 

Third cuppa tea anyone? 


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