On International Women’s Day, this ones for you Ladies.

To be perfectly honest, I think most of you lot reading this are of the female variety. If not, then HEY BOY! Fear not, I’m sure this applies to you too. 

Today I’m talking all about the sass. It’s become a thing hasn’t it, sass. So I thought I’d highlight it, because we all have our diva moments, don't we. 

My outfit here just steps it up a level, even if I do say so myself, FUR-bu-lous. I just find certain items of clothing bring it out in me.

So, I thought I'd enlighten you with a little list of what makes me feel like a million dollars. 

  • Wearing heels/boots.
My friends used to say I do a little strut whenever I wear heels. I just can’t help it! There’s something about that little bit of elevation that just makes my walk wiggle (even more than usual) and just makes me feel, for lack of a better term, like the dogs bollocks. 
  • Any type of faux fur, particularly a stole/shawl/scarf (whatever you want to call it) 
This one just screams diva. I can’t help but touch it, swish it around and pull that suggestive emoji face. You know the one. 
  • When a girl anthem comes on shuffle
My gym playlist is all about this. Full of my gals Yoncé and RiRi, not to mention the absolute TUNE, Lady Marmalade, WOT A CLASSIC. I’m gone, doing all the vocals, flipping the hair, you can only imagine.
  • When you let you hair down
Is this just me? There’s nothing better than releasing that pony/topknot and doing the Loréal hair swish. Because you’re worth it. 
  • Walking home with the wind in your hair
Am I on the runway? Performing on stage? In a music video? No I'm just walking up the alleyway to my house, but it might as well be all of the above. 
  • A flowy skirt or dress
The perfect prop for sassy swishes, definitely comes in handy for some killer moves on the dance floor, always a favourite at weddings. 
  • A statement lip
For most girls its pillar box red, (I find it clashes with my hair) you will almost always get a compliment if you wear a lip colour thats a little different to your everyday nude or subtle Velvet Teddy. Gives you that edge.
  • New hair
Whether you have a new chop, colour, or style. Again, the compliments will come flooding in, your self confidence will hit the roof and ultimately that’s what the sass is all about, am I right?
  • A few cheeky beverages. 
Two or three tequilas down and I am up there on the podium, swinging around that pole, giving you my best X-tina Dirrty impression. All very classy, honest… (I mean, I’d probably do this sober, just need those few units to give me that extra gusto)

  • Sunglasses
Bug eyes on, no one can see who I am (they definitely can) I may as well be famous. No photos please! (but srsly, take some, I look fabulous) 

and on that note, that’s all folks!

I'm sure I may have missed a few things but this is all I could come up with for now.

Feel free to share more with me if you have any.


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