Sometimes I wonder whether to discuss certain things on my blog. There are SO many taboo subjects I want to talk about but there’s a line and do I want to cross it?

Well I think I will. What have I got to lose? I’ll start by easing you guys in gently with… CAMEL TOE. 

Don’t be a prude, we all get it, whether its down the gym, on the beach or just posing for your latest blog post in the garden… ITS THERE. 

So mine mainly comes into view with jumpsuits, despite this, I still own around about 10! Due to my shape and height, (I’ve got a long body apparently) I tend to get a little caught up in the nether regions. Of course, I’m completely oblivious to it and it’s not as bad as I make out, there is just a bit of gathering… 

Jumpsuit - Monki [out of stock] (Similar
Suede Bomber - Charity Shop (Similar
Stans - Office 

After scrolling through my photos, I hope you didn’t focus on it too much, or worse, zoom in… I’ve tried to select the images with (fortunately) my waist tie covering the issue, but you can tell its still there. IT’S SO ANNOYING

The oddest thing is, I never notice it when trying an outfit on in the mirror, annoyingly it just seems to surface in photos? Maybe I need to rethink my stances… Do different poses? Warrior pose, standing tree, or any other yoga suggestions? (NOT downward dog plz) OR I could simply invest in one of those anti-camel-toe devices? Have you seen them? WEIRD MATE. WEIRD. Maybe not…

So what else is there? I’ve come to the conclusion that you just have to deal with it. Like I said, I barely ever notice it on myself, so my best advice is to just make a joke out of it! Or just shake it off if someone points it out. After all, it's not at the top of the most embarrassing fashion faux pas! (Christ, I dread to think what is…) Sorry I don’t have an actual solution! 

Anyone else struggle with certain items of clothing? Or any other embarrassing issues? Let me know! 

But for now…

CAMEL CALLED, He wants his toe back! 

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