If you have come from Instagram, then you’ll know I promised this post on… Sunday I believe? Well I’m not even sorry its late. I didn’t know what to write about and I’m having some time off from my full time job, so maybe it’s only right to have some time off from my blogging/social media?

Or I’ve just been lazy?

Yeah thats probably it. THE LAZY LIFE CHOSE ME. I can’t help it. 

All of a sudden, lightbulb. I know what I want to write about. It’s a bit of a moan, but I feel like quite a few of you may agree, or may even be able to help me out..? 

Thigh high boots.

(LOL at this last pic, I had to include it.)

Charcoal Jumper Dress - New Look [out of stock] (Similar)
Thigh Highs - Office 
Bag - Primark (Similar)

So I thought I found the perfect pair until now, but how is it I see people on Instagram who’s gorgeous boots go all the way up their perfect pins? Mine stop short just over the knee. Makes me look stumpy. I WANT EM LONGER. 

Now I haven't got the slimmest thighs and my legs are longer than the average woman. I’m 5ft 9 and around size 16. But surely there are some out there that would fit us curvier girls? 

I understand over the knee boots are a struggle to begin with, due to staying up, saggy ankles and hell, even trying to get them on is an effort! I’ve had my pair for a while now and after a few rounds of hitching them up on nights out, they have become a little loose. Which is actually not my fault, its my killer moves. I’m sure they’d make your boots fall down too, so yeah. 

The pair I’m wearing here are actually called “over the knee" boots which I suppose means they are what they say on the tin/website - whatever. They look longer on the model and I wan’t longer ones for me. 

My friend has an UHMAZING pair which go to her mid thigh and stay up all night. Only problem is, hers are platform, the heel is wayyyy to high for me and her legs are slimmer! She paid around £160 which she believes is a fair price for their quality and I’d probably agree. They are banging boots. 

However, you know me. Bargain huntress extraordinaire. I refuse to pay that amount. I know there must be a pair out there around the £100 mark or less which are great quality, a mid heel and will stay up mid thigh, ALL NIGHT. (Well most of the night, my moves will always blow your socks off.) Even I am willing to splurge for shoes. I am a woman after all. But is it possible? 

Am I asking too much?

Please let me know if you have any solutions or recommendations! 

The thigh high life WILL be mine. 

p.s. How amazing is this jumper? So big, nice and long, cosy and £10 in the sale. BANGING.
p.p.s. The whole tit-tape-around-your-thigh trick. Not doing it. I don’t like the faffing around. 

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