Look at me trying out some new hair today, I mean, I’ve worn it like this before in this old post, (LOL) and I just remember the feedback being that I look like Supernanny. Not a bad thing, but not my desired look. (Also, not the first time I’ve been linked to the child-taming, wonder woman. I am the baby whisperer.)


Sweater - Zara 
Wrap Skirt - ASOS 
Bag - Zara
Boots - [old] (Similar)
Sunglasses - ASOS

So here is the jumper that a lot of people went a little nuts over. Or was it just me?! Surely not… I saw this on a fellow blogger/instagrammer and it was out of stock online (HEARTBROKEN) but I checked a few days later and WHADDYA KNOW. Straight to checkout. 

I am petrified of wearing it. My other white jumpers just get grubby and stained so quick that its very risky business over here. The sleeves, although fabulous, they are a mighty inconvenience, reaching over a table is like a reenactment of Godzilla. Putting on a coat? Nope. Michelin man arms. Jokes aside, its such a conversation starter and everyone wants to cuddle me. Could be worse?! 

I couldn't quite think of what to pair the sweater with as I didn't want anything to steal its thunder, so I went with my black wrap skirt. Something a little more exciting than a pair of plain jeans or trousers and I added my new drawstring bag because, look how nicely the colour goes with the fur on my sleeves. Pastel perfection oui? 

Now as you all know I’m as blind as a bat, so when it comes to sunnies, I usually go prescription, which is poop. BUT, NO MORE! I always feel so limited that I can’t wear high-street sunglasses and I have tried wearing them with contact lenses and we just don't get one, no spark there you know. I look strange without my frames! 

So, my eyesight is pretty bad, my vision is blurred without prescription lenses in, but not so bad that I can’t see where I’m going. So when the sun comes out and I put my sunnies on. I can see the direction of my feet in front of me, I just can’t see who people are, so don’t be offended if I don’t acknowledge you. 

I’ll admit, its not the safest way to travel, but we have to suffer to look good right? (Plz don’t do this at home, I’m only joking… sort of.) 

So theres a little ramble for ya, hope it makes you smile. 

Also, these pictures are far too sassy for anyone, but in the words of her majesty, the queen B…


Te amo.

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