Its the best day of the week my lovelies. Yes, the happy hump. WED-NES-DAY. 

I hope you all stuffed your faces with pancakes. I definitely did. Sweet AND savoury would you believe….

In other news, (apparently) today I am dressed like a waitress?! 

Now I have nothing against the humble restaurant worker and I tip well I'll have you know. Alas, I cannot see myself serving tables. I'm just a clumsy fool! Definitely one to pour gravy all over Aunt Mabels new dress. SOZ HUN. 

However, I’m not as clumsy as a few people I know (SHOUTOUT DRUEDRUE) I’m just the type to occasionally walk into door-frames (sneaky bastards) and trip over my own feet standing still… WE ALL DO IT.

Long Sleeve Shirt - H&M [old] (Similar) 
Drop Waist Dress - New Look [old] (Similar)
Boots - Office (Similar) 
Puffa Jacket - New Look 

So, back to my original point... why is it when you layer a white shirt, it makes you look like you are either in primary school or as I said, waiting tables?! Is it just me visualising everyone in uniforms?! (My boy Leo in 'Catch Me If You Can' tho... omgz)

It all comes down to two classic items from the drobe (terrible abbreviation, apologies.) the LBD + plain white shirt = MONOCHROME SASS. The mix and match options are endless and like most of my outfits, we have the day to night option. Whip off those tights, get your pale pins out and lunge your way to the bar. (Why lunge? Why not.)

Sometimes I wonder how I haven't been knighted yet. My services to fashion are exceptional really.

BUT I'm rambling now, gonna leave this short and sweet because to be really honest, I just wanted to show you my outfit pics. 


Luv Liv 

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