Before I begin, how cute are these trousers from Marks and Sparks!? I am loving the tie/cord detail, new faves for summer I think! Also, obsessed with these paperclip style earrings from Monki! (my new fave brand btw!) And finally, I love these lace up espadrilles, but they wind me right up! (cheeky pun) You can see how the ties gradually fall down my ankle. Brilliant. WHY DO THEY DO THAT? 

Moving on… 

I’m talking about the big purple today. The hair. 

Stripe Tee - New Look
Camel Trouser - Marks & Spencer
Espadrilles - ASOS 
Earrings - Monki

I’m gonna attempt one of those posts where you list annoying things and everyone who agrees has to comment like OMG SAME! YAAAS QUEEN! PREACH. Okay? deal. 

So, I love my hair, I’m not going to lie to you. Its probably my best asset and it has become a bit of a comfort blanket. (I twiddle it all the time) but my lord is it time consuming and hella frustrating. 

Washing takes forever and the consumption of product is insane, my mane just swallows it up like lunch! Then we have the drying, which is done in layers of course. Most of us girls do this for everyday blowdrying and styling, however I do it for natural drying as well. No no, us thick ones can’t just leave it down to blow freely in the breeze, because it will just stay wet until the end of time. Am I right? *eye roll emoji*

Styling takes a lifetime, I actually put something on to watch because I get so bored. (You don’t even want to know about the arm ache.) AND THEN, every girl can vouch for this, after all that time spent on it, your curls will drop out. Or if you’ve just finished a smooth straightened masterpiece? 10 mins later - kinks. WHY DO WE EVEN BOTHER?

"What about hairspray though?!" - I’ll need a whole bloody can each time I pick up a brush, the hole in the ozone is probably big enough already without my contribution! Thx but no thx. 

Talking about picking up brushes. Thats a mammoth task too, I definitely don’t brush my hair everyday but when I do, it gets EVERYWHERE. My lap, my bed, my carpet. Everywhere I go I leave a trail behind me. I like to think I’m like Hansel and Gretel, but in reality I’m just an old house cat, moulting everywhere. 


Hairbands? All snapped and lost to the underworld. Hair clips? NEVER strong enough and also broken.  

I could go on and on forever but that would be wrong, I love my big old purple head. Its what makes me different, recognisable and its like my trademark in a way?! The girl with the big head, big glasses and big purple hair. Can’t miss her. 

Hope you can relate to a few of these and please tell me if you have any to add! I know I’ve missed loads but no-one wants to read a massive moan! 

For now, get out in the sunshine while you can, show off your bouncy locks.


(I bloody hope I haven’t jinxed it!)

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  1. Lovee this hair colour! I wanted red hair for the longest time but the most I could muster up was a dip dye. Might consider this again but not too sure what my work would think of it haha


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