Happy Wednesday you saucy lot. 

Lets talk about these tights then. Very ‘in’ at the moment aren’t they. But also, probably worth avoiding if worn around your nan and grandad… I’m not sure this is a trend they would totally agree with. (I have a vivid memory of my nan tugging down my mini skirt when I was 14, NOT APPROPRIATE, lol soz hun!)

Fishnets are known for being a little bit sexy though, lets be honest. Definitely one to wear for a special night in with the other half, when your NOT sat in front of the telly, if you get my drift… 

Well, it’s either that or you look like you’re trying to catch a big old pike in the pond. Imagine wading through the waters and you get a carp in your tights. Quite the opposite effect from my previous point! Effective fishing technique however!? (Why you’d be wading in tights I don’t know, but yeah!)

Coat - Charity Shop (Similar
T-Shirt - Hand me down?! (Similar
Fishnets - ASOS
Jeans - New Look
Stan Smiths - Office 

Anyway, I’m all for it as you can see, I love wearing them under my jeans, or with a t-shirt dress, you name it, you’ve probably noticed from my previous posts! I think the reason I like the trend so much is because they do add that raunchy vibe, but because everyone is doing it now, it makes it more acceptable. Gives you a little grungy edge. 

If you told me two years ago I would be wearing a pair to go out in, let alone in the daytime, I would have told you to f*** right off. 


Isn’t it funny how trends can do that? Completely change your perspective on items of clothing!

So you will probably see them a lot more on me now summer is coming, bit of a weather transition accessory. Knowing England, it's still freezing even if the sun is shining. We all just get a bit too excited don’t we. BBQ’S OUT! 

Let me know how you would style them or if you’ve had any awkward encounters! 

 P.s. I have no idea why I’ve got my phone on me in these pictures! LOL AT ME.


  1. You find such amazing coats girl! Love the look <3


  2. I love the look of fishnets under jeans - not sure I'd be brave enough to wear them under a dress or whatever but I will definitely be giving this look a go! x



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