HAPPY FRIYAY and I hope you had a lovely Easter! 
I don’t remember much of mine, bank holiday = lots of booze. 
0 Regrets.

So! I have just realised it was 3 years on Easter Sunday since I started my blog! 
I don’t think I have ever been that committed to anything! (I said this to my mum and she said, ERR WHAT ABOUT SCHOOL? It was a legal requirement for me to attend Lisa. Not my own commitment GAWD.)

Happy 3 years to me! Here’s to the next 3 ay!

I’m not going to go all reflective on you because its boring, and I’d much rather talk you through my outfit! 

T-shirt dress - Pep&Co
Choker - Primark (Similar
Chunky Body Chain - ASOS 
Earrings - Monki
Fishnets - ASOS
Boots - old (Similar

The choker t-shirt dress... 

1. Its pink, I’ve told you before I struggle with the clash in my skin colour and hair. But I think I’ve sussed it with this shade of dusky pink? Either that or I just realised I don’t really care if my flesh matches my fashion? Why should I? BIRTHDAY SUIT, BIRTHDAY SUIT. (I really hope you sang that to the tune of birthday sex like I did)  
2. It’s a band tee. - Well strictly speaking, its actually not. I’m sure like me, you have seen many a rock band logo spread over many a breast this spring. I just can’t bring myself to wear a Metallica top when I don’t like their music? What if someone asks me what my favourite song is? (I could just tell them to do one? Bit aggressive tho...) For me it’s like when you wear Tuesday socks on a Friday. BABY, UH UH IT DON’T WORK. (sidenote: I used to have these amazing knickers with days of the week on. bloody loved em.) 
3. I think this may actually be a top but I bought it oversized to wear as a dress (top tip for you all) and I just don't know how I feel about this choker neck thing. I kept getting my head caught when putting it on... I mean its not hard, because my head is huge but yeah. Hmm...

Lastly, I’ll talk you briefly through my fishnets again. (If you missed the last post - here we are) I did say I wanted an oversized pair, and here I am! But my lord if I knew the struggle, would I still bother? YEAAHHH COURSE I WOULD. The things we do for fashion! But seriously, trying to get these past my little chipolata toes was like an obstacle course. I recommend allowing at least 5 mins to get these on! 

In conclusion, I realise I contradict myself by talking about saying FUCK IT (scusi) to looking naked and suffering for fashion but drawing the line at being questioned about Black Sabbath? Well we all have our limits don't we! 

I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t like to wear red because they are Arsenal colours. 
COME ON YOU SPURS. Lily whites for lyf. 

Case. Point. Proven? 

Have a good weekend my lovelies, I hope that made some sort of sense!


  1. Missed your blog . .
    Don't leave it so long next time.
    Perlease? ��

  2. Anonymous27.4.17

    Hon dey aint fishnets ...........
    the word you seek is WHALENET

  3. Looking beautiful!!! Love the outfit ��

  4. Wow I love your hair colour!



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