So I may say this a lot, but I genuinely have been after one of these for AGES.

Praise the bloody lord, I have finally found one! 

When searching, I was prepared to fork out for this staple item as I know they can be pricey, but whaddya know, it just happened to be a bargain for me! Sale karma is now a thing ladies. If you spend your time rummaging, it will all pay off (pun intended) in the end! 

Jumpsuit - Next
Sandals - Office
Choker - Primark

So, not only did I find a style that I like, but it also comes with that patchwork detail on, which I absolutely LOVE! Funnily enough I tried a pair of GORGEOUS jeans on in a similar style and was gutted when surprise surprise, I couldn't get em over my rear. BUT HEY HO HERE WE GO! I found this baby instead! 

If you hadn't guessed by now I'm a proper sucker for the easy option, something that is basically a socially acceptable, daytime onesie. I mean, who wouldn't be!? I've actually just gone and counted 14 in the wardrobe (*floordrobe) and I'm still planning on getting more. Jumpsuit addict over here! 

Next on my list is one just like this, but in denim?! I'm thinking of something in a darker colour, more indigo than acid wash anyway... Christ, who knows how long thats going to take me to find? Check back in 3 years peeps.

S'all part of the shopping fun isn't it! 

Also, just thought I'd tell you that this cheeky garm arrived in the post on the day I was shooting my outfits, which is why its a little creased. 

I'm a busy girl. Who has time to iron nowadays?!  

Hope you like it anyway sasspots. 

Love to the kids! 

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