You know when you’re feeling like ‘it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your yeaaarrrr...’ (best theme song EVER!) and you just let out a big old sigh of content when all the shit is over. Yeahhh. That’s what I’m going on about. 

I try not to moan to much in my posts (or in real life) but when I do, I like to try and put a positive spin on things. I’m sure there’s enough doom and gloom without me putting my ten pence in all the time. So here I am highlighting the good again. (See previous post here!) Because there can never be too much love and hugs and all that vom. 


So here are a few times when I just think to myself, ahhhh this is the best part of my day…

Pyjama time.
Whether its the exact moment you un-ping your bra, slip on your fave tee or tie up your dressing gown. Being completely cosy and content is the best part of the day.

End of the week/shift 
The anticipation of the clock changing at 16:59 on a Friday afternoon or even the end of a night shift at 8am. The relief is real. 

When it’s 5 o’clock somewhere? 
Midweek catchup with the girls. The Prosecco is being poured. As soon as the bubbles hit my lips I just can’t help but reply with a commercial worthy aaaah. YES PLEASE.

When you feel like a baller for all of five minutes and have a little dream of what to spend your money on… (cue direct debits to shatter this illusion - </3) 

Finally, my ultimate fave…

Coming home from work.
Lisa is a godsend. She always has dinner ready, exceptionally tasting and sometimes she will even wait on me hand and foot. (lol soz I’m such a diva) you are SUCH a good Mumma.

Shout out to the parents. You guys are pretty cool. 

So, thats about all I can muster up at the moment! But as always, its nice to keep it short and sweet!

Anyone else got any to add? 

Have a little comment. I dare ya. 

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  1. PJ time is the best time, for sure. Pulling on my comfies is the first thing I do when I get in from a day's hard graft (lol, I love to be dramatic). But seriously, IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER?

    P.s. you always look so fierce in all your photos - loving this outfit! x


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