Evening lovelies! 
I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday! 
I spent a good portion of mine in the pub. 
The way a long weekend should be spent, AM I RIGHT?! 

Todays topic is 'The perfect fit.' Which we all know, just does not exist, does it?! 

White Crop - Primark
Black Velvet Frill Top - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Lace Up Sandals - Primark

Okay so, once in a blue moon something will come along, if you are very lucky. Most of the time we buy an item, something will just be slightly off. You might not notice at first but it will come creeping up on you. Either that, or you are very aware of the fatal feature and can just not be bothered to search any longer so you just give in. (ME) 

However, this leads me to think, am I just being pedantic?! Or does that slight imperfection really bother me? 
The reason behind this post is that I really wanted a pair of mom jeans, alas the 16 was too small and the 18 slightly too big. What did I go for? Obvs the 18 which maybe I'll just wear as more of a boyfriend fit... or I can I tie them up at the back with a hairband! 

Sidenote: I don't actually walk round with my jeans in an elastic, and I am very aware that a belt would solve all of my issues. However, what if I don't want a belt?! It could ruin my whole 'look'!

Anyway, back to the bobble, the method is perfect for shooting pictures! I can tell you now that a lot of these images we see in magazines, have garments on models that are being held together with pins, bands and clips! But in everyday life I just want a better and more permanent solution. 
I think I probably will take the jeans to get altered, but I can guarantee they just won't be the perfect fit! 

I did want to tell you all my thoughts on the whole "one size fits all" debate too, because its definitely applicable here! Then again I don't really want to be typing all night long. (TUNE Lionel.) What I will say is that, we are all different body shapes, hell even Barbie is now! (Legend) So it's about time clothing got current! 

In conclusion, I believe the only thing I can do is find a clothing line that is not only sold by size, but also by body shape. How genius would that be?! Tailored tops and bottoms, for those with varied bottoms and tops! 

If anyone knows of such a thing, LET ME KNOW plz. If not, I'm going to take out a patent asap and give the world what they want! 

Whaddya reckon? 

Yours Always, 
Olivia Einstein.

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  1. As always liv. .
    Lovin ya work.
    Levis style their jeans on a straight/curvy/really curvy type of thing?
    It does work . ..


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