No guys and gals. 


They call us the selfish generation.

Now, I read that as a negative, however your gal Liv is here to tell you otherwise. It's okay!

I mean within reason of course, I'm not over here telling you to turn into narcissistic Ned.

During my little absence from my blog and whilst on me holibobs, I realised it's okay to take time out for myself. I'm a bit of a loner anyway, I need my 'me time' as do we all, BUT I'm not going to feel guilty about it anymore.

I used to sit at home with a face like thunder when unable to attend an event, no matter what day of the week. The FOMO was real. However, I have come to realise you just can't go to them all and you can actually wake up on a Sunday without a hangover? WHO KNEW?!

Now I relish in that valuable time with my one and only (bed), a cuppa and a good book. Or a bit of Poldark. I LOVE A BIT OF POLDARK.

Sometimes we all need a bit of alone time to clip our toenails and squeeze our spots. WE ALL DO IT OKAY. I'm just typing it out loud. Right?!

If you want to spend the weekend as a sloth or sofa bear, just DO IT FO YO'SELF. Don't worry about soppy Susan from spin class, she'll have many more soirees on a Saturday that you can attend. (lol I've never been to a spin class, who dafuq is Susan?!)

So watch that entire series on Netflix, spend a good two hours giving yourself a wonky mani pedi. I'm not judging. You deserve it.

If anyone questions you, send em my way, I'm happy to 'av a word.

We might as well live up to our title ay.

Hope you like the new post and didn't miss me too much! 

p.s. unrelated images soz, hope you like the outfit! 

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