Good evening my favourite little avocados.

I'm on a whinge mission today. A nice whinge though, if there's such thing...

So, I'm going to construct a list (because everyone loves a list) full of little everyday things that just really rub me up the wrong way... Who knows you may feel the same or even have some to add?! 

Here goes...
  • Dirt under my fingernails, bloody drives me insane, I'm not a dirty person I promise, I just seem to get dust, makeup and fluff underneath them all and it accumulates. BLEURGHSGD. Drives me insane. 
  • Breaking a nail. Especially when they are all the same length. SO MUGGY.
  • No manners. Omg this one makes me nutty. ITS NOT HARD TO SAY PLZ AND THNKYU. Christ.
  • Stubbing your toe. It's BLOODY PAINFUL. I'm 99% sure both my little toes are broken.
  • Missing your train. Then it pulls away all smug, basically laughing in your face. 
  • Delayed trains. It's always when its bloody important for you to get somewhere as well. It's like they know.
  • Trains in general. Public transport. SO ANNOYING. 
  • Spilling something down a white top. I mean, its inevitable isn't it. 
  • When something is out of stock. WHY GODDAMIT WHY?! I once went to KFC, bloody hungover may I add, and they ran out of chicken?! LIKE WOT?! R U JKIN M8?! (I know that story's a little different from what I actually meant, but same ballpark right?!)
  • Your drink leaking in your bag. Everything is bloody soaked, 9 times out of 10 you don't realise until you've got a wet patch on your leg/arm/back and it takes FOREVER to dry.
  • Your bag breaking. Whether its your everyday go-to, clutch on a night out or even your shopping. Pisses me right off. 
  • Hiccups. CAN NOT STAND THEM. 
Ooh I'm getting a little wound up just writing this. 

Anyway, rant over. 

Sometimes we just need to get these things off our chest! Then at the end of the day we can sit down, relax, forget all about it and AVOCUDDLE!

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  1. THAT LITTLE TEE. It's bloody adorable! I am not sure I have ever worn a white top without spilling something down it, it drives me mad but I never

    Sophie | Sophar So Good


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