A lot of the time when it comes to writing, I can hit a bit of a wall, I don’t want to write about something for too long, repeat myself or just be uninteresting. So some of the best advice I’ve heard is that you should write about what you know…?
Well, it’s Saturday night. I’m having a night in after a bit of a mad one last night, and all day I have been a bit of a mess. So here we are, I’m going to talk you through the hangover. It’s definitely something I know very well. 

First things first, if you didn’t know, I love a cheeky tipple. However, I always tell myself its just for 1 and funnily enough last night did actually end up being 1 beer… aaaand 6 glasses of pink wine, aaaand 2 baby Guinness aaaand god knows what else. I am so easily led astray. 

Also, recently I have found myself to be a bit of a lightweight. Moral of the story kids. Eat something before you have a beverage. It helps.

So naturally today I woke up with classic Stage 1 of the big ordeal, gasping for a gallon of water. Which thankfully, drunk Liv had remembered to supply on the bedside table. Drunk Liv, you babe. It really is like coming up for air from the ocean and your mouth is as dry as the desert. 

Stage 2, you gain consciousness after swallowing a pint from the tap and next thing you know, there is an elephant dancing on your brain. Mine felt like this this morning, alongside the feeling of someone trying to blow up a balloon inside my skull. Weird. Not nice at all. 

I tell you something now and I’ll tell you for free, pink wine gives me the worst headaches. Also, no matter what I drink, whether its the same thing all night, mixing it up or doing shots. I will still be hungover. ALL DAY. It doesn’t wear off! 

Stage 3, obviously you have grab your phone, rewatch all snapchat and instagram stories, check for photos and try to piece together the night. I woke up with some hilarious ones this morning. Bloody love recording my night. 

Stage 4, getting up. It’s amazing how horrible it feels going vertical. Me, I’d rather stay horizontal all day, my balance isn’t great at the best of times, you can imagine what I’m like after a night on the town.

Speaking of being wobbly, I always get spinny room when I’m drunk too. I’ve tried focusing on one spot on the ceiling in bed, I can’t bloody see the ceiling, my glasses are off! I’ve tried one leg on the floor out of the bed, didn’t work. I tried both legs on the floor, fell out of bed, didn’t work. 

Stage 5, FOOD. Now you all know, if you can, you have to feed the beast. I discovered recently, plain toast and butter is the way forward, soaks up all that excess. Some people say bacon, some people say fruit, but I think it depends how you feel. Personally I think that food tastes so much better but I’ve had a few instances where you just can’t swallow more than a mouthful. Funny one isn’t it. 

Stage 6, an activity. So usually by distracting myself, I’m thinking less about the hangover. This morning, I planned to go and do some kickboxing with my champion bff, obviously slept through the planned meet of 9:30 but I still managed to make it, even if it was 2 hours later. 

Another thing a lot of people say is to ‘sweat out’ the alcohol. *eye roll emoji* However, my fitness level is wayyyy below par, so as much as I enjoy punching and kicking, this defo wasn’t working for me today. I think in hindsight, I’ll save my roundhouse for an angrier day and hit the treadmill for 20 (pfft, more like 10.) 

Stage 7, clean yourself. I mean, depending on your activity, this can come before or after stage 6. Theres nothing like a good shower to clean away all your sins from the night before, make you feel fresh and good as new. I find hair-washes always help, you know to get rid of the stench of Jägerbombs in your tresses as well as tequila on your teeth. NASTY.

Stage 8 can either go one of two ways, you can take the devils path and head straight back to the liquor locker. Hair of the dog is probably the best medicine, albeit a very vicious cycle. ORRR, you can finally give up, succumb to the cloud above you and get back into bed, netflix wins. 


Until next weekend anyway, where no doubt, I will be in exactly the same position. 

Drink responsibly kids. 


P.s. another unrelatable outfit, but I hope you like it anyway lovelies! 

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