Alright guys! Whaddya think of the yellow?! I'm still not 100%... 

Anyway, the story behind today's title is... when I was shooting my content, Gem (MY GYAL.) came over and caught me on the last couple of posts. She stood there shouting encouragement, specifically the word "VIBEY!" just like I had my own hype-man, it was bloody brill. She even gave me her sunglasses to wear, as you can see below, I've got her Rayban's on. - girls got style. 

Anyway, lets not make her head too big eh! On with the post...


Isn't it so nice when you meet a friend and you can sit and have a conversation about clothes, fashion, styling etc. and just watch the world go by. I love it. 9 times out of 10 I'll look at the girls shopping baskets and we'll all have the same items ready to buy. Just sitting with coffee, laughing, planning outfits and talk about nothing for hours. It's my favourite kind of day

FRIENDSHIP GOALS. Fashion is for friends you guyyyyzz. 

So like I'd sit and chat with the girls, I'm gonna tell you all about the outfit. Of course I'm risking the yellow.. the colour has been popping up on my feed for months and I had to try it. I've seen a few people wearing a mustard jacket, so I had to go for one! But like I said, still not 100. Which I think is partly because it's quite a high maintenance colour, one that needs makeup, good hair, the lot. Which I defo can't do everyday, I'm one for going out, blotchy face and zits exposed in all my glory and if I throw my jacket on, I may just look like a rhubarb and custard. Tricky one. 

Moving on... I've shown you these pinstripe trousers before and told you why I love them, but the main reason, which I believe I haven't disclosed, is that my bum just feels (and potentially looks) great in them. Modest? Always. I know its teasing by not showing you a picture of my rear but I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. 

I love it when you instantly feel fabulous after putting something on. Lets call it secret sass power. - Nailed it. For me, fashion is about being comfortable in your own style, enjoying trying different things and sharing that with others! 

So I'm gonna talk about it, whether its with my girls over coffee and cake, or blabbering on to you lot. I'll share the secret sass so we can all look fab.

I hope you like it!

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  1. Big up!!!! Them shades are poppin!! Mellow yellow you stylin.... much love x


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