Todays post starts with a little story... So, without further ado, I'm on my lunch break at work and a bloke just stepped onto the escalator in front of me. He was wearing casual everyday clothes, baggy jeans, a tee and a jacket, then I look down and BAM!! He had the most fabulous pair of stilettos on. I mean, YAAASSS HONEY. You do you.

After wondering what to write about all day, when this happened and all of sudden I was inspired. I thought I could write a whole post about being true to yourself and how we should all celebrate our differences.' etc etc.. however, I feel like I may have touched on this subject a lot lately and it just so happened that as I was drifting off into slumberland the other night, an idea popped into my head... (Why is it your brain decides to work better when your falling asleep? Weird.)

I thought I'd change my angle a little and just write to you about being nice instead. Bear with me, it all relates. 

As you may know, I'm a big list fan (WHO ISN'T?) so here's another one for you, this time full of NICE things... 

Manners cost nothing and I'm a firm believer in karma. Being kind goes a long way in my eyes.
So if you are going about your daily life with a permanent scowl, why not:

Smile at a stranger.

Tell the barista making your coffee to have a great day. *doesn't just apply to baristas, tell anyone mate!

Give your change to a busker.

Buy your friends flowers.

Buy your mum flowers. God knows Lisa deserves many a bunch.

Hold the door open.

Tip your waiter.

Carry someone's bags.

Give up your seat on the train.

Compliment your friends.

Compliment strangers! I told a lady at Waterloo I loved her dress. Her face lit up. She loved it.

Donate to charity.

Help out a friend.


Sometimes the little things go a long way. When I saw this man in front of me I couldn't help but think that some people in this world will not be as accepting of him. Some people in this world will not be kind.

But maybe, just maybe, if I lead by example, no, if we all lead by example then we can make a difference.


lots and lotsa love, not hate.

P.s. You may have noticed another person in my photos today, looking proper vibey... THATS GEM! My champion BFF, sharing the love as always. Theres not much that girl wouldn't do for anyone and tbh it's about time she showed her face on the blog! 

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