It all looks pretty glamorous having pictures taken in London. Looking every bit the cosmopolitan city slicker, whilst posing next to clean cut buildings and freshly trimmed flower boxes. 

UH UH HONEYS. Lets shatter that illusion real quick. It was beyond muggy. Sweaty was an understatement and it wasn't even one of the hotter days of the year! You can just imagine me flapping around like a headless chicken. What am I like! 

I tell you now if you ever go to shoot in a location, for Jesus sake, do a recce before. (We need to know what we're dealing with!) Traipsing round streets not knowing whether to turn left or right is not efficient when in comes to time keeping. 

Basically huns, do your research. We were looking for places a little less populated so as to not draw too much attention to ourselves but also ones that look chic and "london-esque"?! You know what I mean...

So outfits?! Obviously your going to want more than one shot in the big smoke. So we bought more than one get up to pose in. I stupidly slogged around a gym-bag-style-holdall, however I really should have bought a little cabin case to wheel around! The ache in my arm and the dent in my shoulder was very real. 
As for changing... First of all we went straight to the golden arches didn't we. Had to get some sort of energy to fuel our day and then obviously change in the tiny loo. Not ideal without a mirror, limited space and a queue outside. It was like a bad comedy sketch...
Secondly we found a Pret, the toilet was a little more roomy and even had a small mirror on the wall. You could call it an upgrade. 
Lastly in our final location, we asked if we could use the facilities in Prezzo, there was nowhere else to go! Its like our choice of changing room became a little more upmarket as the day went on. 
All in all it wasn't bad actually. I am quite proud I actually had the confidence to shoot in public rather than the confines of my own back garden. Could this be Liv leaving her beloved white fence behind?! 
Tbh I'm more impressed that I'm not wearing a bra in two of my outfits! Yes this is one of them, and yes I did walk up and down London with my boobs uncaged and free as a bird. TMI?! Ahh well! Chuck it in the fuck it bucket. 
And while the attention is on my chest, how cute is this spaghetti strap detail though, I had to let it take centre stage, show off a bit of cleavage. I'm only human. 
The things we do for content ayy lads and ladies. 
To conclude, at least I know how to go about it next time I go frolicking around the capital with my wobbly bits out. Hopefully this will help with all of you who plan on doing the same! Oh and make you smile a little of course. 
Before I go, I also think I may have overcome my objection about wearing bright red?! I don't believe the clash is too bad with my big old purple head?! What do you think lovelies?! 
Let me know your opinions and also if you've had any similar experiences. 
Tips are V. welcome hahaha! 


  1. You are slayyyyyying in that jumpsuit gal! It's gorgeous and I love the double strap and cut out along the neckline. Been wanting to shoot a few outfits in London for ages, but I keep thinking that I wouldnt know where to go to find a good shooting spot that looks very 'London' but there isn't going to be people walking past every 2 seconds making me look even more awkward than I do anyway...I lived there for 3 years but I still can't think of anywhere so need to do a bit of a recce first as you said haha. Can't wait to see the other outfits! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good


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