Are anyone elses emotions all over the place during fashion week? On one hand I am beyond excited for all the shows, and seeing my favourite influencers slaying their street style. I want to know who is going to what show and what are they wearing to it, THE LOT. 
However at the other end of the scale, I’m feeling down in the dumps that I’m not being snapped outside Somerset House or having a chinwag at a show with my blogger BFF. Feeling like maybe I’m just not good enough...

Then I remember I’m allowed to feel like that. Everyone’s allowed to feel like that. Maybe I’m not doing all those things this year but, who knows? I could be next year?! 

After feeling down for a day or two, licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself. It’s time to get back on the horse. I will be inspired, not disheartened. 

I think sometimes we all need those days, we need some time out in order to move forward. It does actually motivate me to shoot more content, style more outfits and just do more! What you put in, you get out right? 

Look at me here, I may be in front of another fence. But I am out on the street shooting content, being as confident as I can in public. (WILD. I KNOW.)  I’ve always wanted to venture away from the little white fence in my garden and I finally have. 

Baby-steps. Turtle and the hare and all that shit. 

So whenever your feeling defeatist and ready to give up. Look at how far you’ve come! I have definitely learnt a lot from when I started my little blogging journey. Also, remember you are not alone. Everyone has those days. Go and eat that whole tub of cookie dough if your feeling down. I’m not gonna judge you hun. IVE BEEN THERE MANY A TIME. 

Just power on through my lovelies. use that emotion and try not to let it consume you. 

If I can bloody do it, you all can okay?! 

SOOOOOOOMEWHERE over the rainboooowww (Sorry I had to..) 

all of the cringe over here. 

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  1. Gal you killin it!!! You good enough for all this.... next year you be at fashion week ;)


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