If you know, you know. Absolute belter of a hymn we used to sing in assembly. Proper banger. Not as good as 'Cauliflowers Fluffy...', but up there with the classics. 

(For a trip down memory lane - click here and here)

How the fuck did I remember that shit?! Anyway.... Hiya lads!

Were bloody halfway through Autumn? How the fuck did that happen? I've unintentionally given myself a break from social media and my beloved blog. Just because, AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT.

But, lucky for you guyz, my hiatus is now over

IM BACK HUNS. *hair flip emoji*

So if you were at all curious about what I've been up to, I'm gonna fill you in...

First of all, I've been going out quiiiite a fair bit. SHOCK. Trips to Pizza Express ending up in Popworld, errr HOW?! I went to see the girls I travelled to Thailand with, I mean, that was always gonna be boozy. Plus many more trips to the pub and so on, that I can't actually remember... Lets just say the pink wine (my usual/fave tipple) has killed me off on many a night. Oh christ the hangovers have been ANOTHER level.

Which leads to my next point. I've been ill. Yep I caught that nasty little spout of cold and flu thats been going around. I'm telling you now the sneezes were UNREAL. However, in all honesty, it didn't hit me that bad. The worst of mine consisted of losing my voice completely. Which in my head I thought was a right touch, because I sounded like a sexy Brooke Davis (One Tree Hill fans, you know.) BUT in reality I just sounded more blokey than I usually do.

Also just a sidenote, if you come into contact with anyone suffering from this bug, there is no escape. I'm sorry huns but its inevitable. I'm pretty sure I gave it to most of the gals at work. They bloody loved me. Stock up on your Sudafed!

Lastly, and probably the most boring-ly, I've been at work! I work full time, complete with a longer-than-it-needs-to-be, hour and a half commute each end, so as you can imagine. The days are bloody knackering. Add on some recent overtime to that and yeah. I've had 0 time left for anything except wine. Which is probably another contributing factor to getting ill, either that or the tequila shots...

So yeah, standard really, living the dream the same as everyone else. After looking back at what seems like a stressful end to summer, everything seems to be falling into place and going smoother than a babys bum. Which is very strange for me. Obviously I have my bad days, but they seem fewer and far between right now. The only thing I would wish for (selfishly) is to have two of my best friends come back after they have flown the nest and moved away. You can stop adulting now. Come home and get wine wasted with me plz?!

So there you have it. A little life update from Liv.

Because you all desperately need to know.

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the Autumn!

Its getting bloody cold isnt it?! Next stop Halloweeeeen! (I still have 0 idea what to dress up as?! Suggestions v welcome.)

Muchas gracias for your attention my little loves!

Te amo.

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