Alright Lads and Ladies!

Whaddya think of the new do? VERY short isn't it! My hairdresser told me when I was younger that I wasn't allowed to chop it above my shoulders. WELL LOOK AT ME NOW. I do miss my long hair from time to time, it was a bit of a security blanket tbh but theres no going back now!

Anyway back to the point of my post. Being fussy. Does anyone have those little niggly rules with fashion that you absolutely swear by, but they drive you up the bloody wall?!

First things first is my jewellery. Now I think this was one of my new years resolutions and I am trying to overcome it but it still itches the back of my brain. Mixing gold and silver. The only thing that doesn't bother me is if my nose ring clashes. However my necklace is gold in this post and my bag chain is silver! Ayyyy look at me go. Told you I was overcoming it!

Secondly my boots. I had to order them, they match my hair (which I suppose  is kind of a thing I do now?!) and I wanted another pair of thigh highs anyway! BUT, I hate it when you can see the seams of the shoe part, know what I mean? Usually its a small continuous stitch round the upper, like a court shoe with a sock, but these have that viscount slipper body. Which initially I thought I could handle with a heel, but the heel just isn't tall enough. Christ I am fussy but, they just ain't right! (However they do stay up nicely!)

Next up is fake pockets. I MEAN, WHY?! I bloody love a pocket, handy for hairbands, (my little wrist is chubby and gets suffocated) kirby grips, snacks etc. But no. These little flaps on my jacket really are just little flaps. No little pouches for Liv to put her sausage fingers. I did think maybe they were just sewn up?! But alas, no. Fake pockets are just mean and a real disappointment overall. 

Lastly we move on to whites. Owww whites. Never can you ever keep them as white as when they are new. No matter how much Daz or Persil (other laundry detergents are available) you put in the machine. Bleaching could potentially work, but more often than not, it turns into a yellow disaster. Trust me, I've been there. Also, they are always see through! No matter what material, the thickness or cut. White will show all your sins. Ironic really as it symbolises purity. NOT SO BLOODY PURE IN MY WARDROBE ARE YA.

Aside from all that, I actually quite like this outfit! I promise I'm not as fussy as I sound. I had to snap up this blazer as soon as I saw it, I couldn't believe Primark were so quick on the bandwagon. I am v impressed. I do want to try and let the sleeves down however, just because I'm not a fan of the ruching (fml here she goes again complaining!) and I'm sure you will see a lot of it in the weeks to come! Bloody love a 'Prince of Wales Check' me.

Let me know if you have little things that you fuss about when it comes to fashion! I'm sure I can think of more but I wont waffle on!

Also, what do you think about the boots? Keep or no keep?

Have a beautiful week angels!

P.s. Shoutout to my gyal Gem for helping me take my pics. I LOVE YOU.

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  1. Oh my gosh I know exactly what you mean about some of these, especially the fake pockets and the seams on boots! I just bought a pair of OTKs that also have seams and I cant quite make up my mind about whether I can handle it or not. I love these boots though and didnt even notice that you could see the stitching, so I guess its one of those things that you only notice yourself! New hair looks AMAZING lady! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good


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