Alright Sass queens and kings?! How is it bloody November already?! DAFUQ?!

So lets jump straight in, Ive been thinking a lot lately (dangerous) about when it comes to creating a blog post. My image and text content is not reeeally matching up!

Don't get me wrong I can chat about an outfit I'm wearing in my images for a nice long time, enough for a healthy portioned blog post. But sometimes I just feel like I want to ramble on about some other subject. I got a lot of shit to say!

But should it match? Is there some unspoken blog rule or ettiquette that I haven't been told? Its been running through my mind whenever I'm typing out a lengthy rant or coming to the end of my signature lists. Should this be about my sassy strides?

I mean its great when both text and imagery kind of mingle together, I feel like I've got this blogging shit on lock. However thats V rare and 9 times out of 10 I'm gonna waffle on for four or five paragraphs and stick a random outfit with it. Maybe thats just my blogging style? 

Most people would say your blog is supposed to mirror who you are... I would say my writing style is colloquial as hell, I'd sum my style up as 'nineties meets now' (Oui? Non?) and a little all over the place. Add the fact that I'm bloody hilarious (or cringe) and thats me down to a T. AMIRIGHT?!

I love creating outfits and shooting them too but sometimes it seems like a stress to have to write something to go with them and I don't want to fall out of love with doing that!? Know what I mean?!

Maybe I should take a break from the waffle. I don't want to force words out and end up compromising? What dya reckon?

I need advice plz  beautiful human beans.

Help a sista out.

Plz n Thx



  1. Anonymous4.11.17

    I bloody love this outfit! As for your post, this might not be great advice but I am a big believer in bloggers posting what the hell they want! It's your blog. Who cares if the words and photos don't match. I love your blog x

  2. Anonymous20.11.17

    Dont ever stop what you are doing as I love your creative writing as much as your images. You are one talented lady xxxx


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