I thought it was about time this wonderful woman got a shoutout on the blog. .

Ladies and Gentleladies, mi madre. SHE IS BLOODY FAB. Also. She is bloody 50!


My mamacita does so much for me and it's not that I can't do it myself, its purely because I'm lazy and I'm sure a small part of her enjoys doing it.

The woman washes like she runs her own launderette and there's nothing quite like the smile on her face after all her towels are dry. Priceless. No matter how many washes I do, I still can't replicate that fresh to death smell. She is a superwoman. I do attempt a few loads every now and then but I purposely put it on the wrong rinse or hang them funny, just so she will do it all over again. Soz mumma but its a compliment really!

Also, recently she has been making me packed lunches for work (what a cutie!) and she puts so much exciting stuff in all wrapped in little foil parcels, it makes my day and helps me save money bless her! (Yes I am nearly 23 and my mum still makes my lunch, you're just jealous) Those triple decker sarnies tho. THE ONE.

That woman makes us all a banging dinner every night. SUCH a good cook. I come home from work every day and its all plated up for me, ready to be eaten. Again I am very capable of making my own lunch and dinner, but you can never live up to your mummas.

On my days off, I channel my inner Mariah and demand cups of tea and scrambled eggs whilst slothing on the sofa and lo and behold, she makes it for me. Lisa waits on me hand and foot, without complaining. Bless her. Of course on the occasion I’ll do it back too! I haven’t gone full diva yet...

She gets on with all my friends as if they were BFFL’s. Growing up my mum would always let me have people over for a few beers, mini house parties if you will. Oh and she joined in! Of course she did, Lisa is a lad! She would happily get pissed with all of us. Like one of the gang bless her. She even came along on our first girls holiday! Menorca though. What a banger. She didn’t even mind when the spanish police woke her up @ 3am to see all of our passports... but thats another story! 

Next of all, she will never admit when she is wrong and it drives me insane, just recently she actually swore on my life that Bradley Walsh was on Strictly. Well cheers for sacrificing your only daughters chance in this world, because it was BRIAN BLOODY CONLEY. Pffft, I’m still not over it. 

Best of all she cracks me up. Honestly the things she says sometimes.

I love it when she laughs so much it just comes out as a wheeze and a squeak.

I love it when you she does that really quick smile and then back to normal face. 

I love it when you dance. I get all my classic moves from you. You know the mum dance.

I love that even though you were really quite ill when we were young’uns, you were still always there for us. No matter what.

I love that you still play Farmville. Yep Farmville ladies and gents.

I love that when you aren’t playing Farmville, you play cards online and chat to a group of strangers. Even when you make a wrong move and they call your children ugly.

I love it when you comment on all my friends statuses, pictures and more.

But most of all I just love you. To the moon and back a million times over.


You da freakin best. 


  1. Anonymous26.11.17

    Babe this was such a lovely post writing about your mum! It's inspired me to do the same! Would make a lovely Mother's Day surprise. Honestly agree with everything you said. Love my mum more than anything. What a lovely daughter you are to your mum I bet she is proud of you ❤️ Xxxx


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