Hello my lovers! 

I'm thinking I should probably start consistently posting. Wednesday seems like a good day? or Sunday? I thought about maybe both, but that is just far to much commitment as far as I'm concerned. Gimme a couple of months and I might come round, but yeah I think Wednesday posts, whaddya reckon? 

Moving on, lets get down to the what were all really here for. THE BOOTS. 

I mean, how gorgeous!? I have wanted some sock boots for ages and these probably won't be the only pair I purchase. I have my eye on a few pairs with kitten heels and I'm still seriously on the fence. Can I pull of a kitten heel? Is it here to stay? I just don't know.

So I wanted some red boots in particular and for ages I just couldn't find an affordable pair that were exactly right. You know what its like, either the wrong material, wrong heel, wrong shade of red. Nothing is ever quite right!

So I did that thing where you type what you want into google and click on the 'shopping' tab to see what comes up. Quite a good little tool tbh but alas, nothing I wanted was coming up. It was time for the in depth internet scour.

 Then after searching on every high street and online retailer I found THE ONES and ofc, knowing my luck they were out of stock. OFC. Isn't that the bloody worst?! It ALWAYS happens to me. 

HOWEVER, classic Liv had run out of moola and was waiting until payday to purchase. So after a few days, the end of the month was nigh and I finally had money in my account (honestly someone send me some money saving tips plz) and well well well, WHADDYA KNOW. I logged back in to my Missguided account and like a dream, there they were, sitting pretty IN MY SIZE. Strrrrrrraight to checkout. 

When they arrived I opened the box and they were GLOWING. Honestly its not a colour I would usually go for but, it seems to be the colour of the season and I just had to give them a go! The heel is actually a bit too high for me and I would probably only last an hour in them but I love them so much that I'm just gonna have to teach myself and suffer the pain. 

The things we do for fashion ay. 

Let me know what you think of the outfit and the boots! This jumper is THE COSIEST. Zara jumpers. Nail it everytime. 

Kitten heels, yay or nay? 

Comment below your opinions! 

Much love! 

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  1. I am so in love with theeeeeese! They're an absolute dream. I'm also thinking about getting some kitten heel ones, I used to hate them but they've seriously grown on me this season! xx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good


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