Apologies for the latness my loves. 

I’m only human, I just had to have a night in on the sofa with a fat ham and cheese pizza. Honesty is the best policy right?! 

Today I’m wanted to talk about family at Christmas

Thats what its all about really isn’t it. Yeah I blab on about treating yourself, and god knows how many gift guides you’ll see on the blogosphere this season. But what it ultimately comes down to is spending time with your loved ones. Apologies for the soppiness. ITS ALL LOVE LADIES AND GENTS. 

My favourite moments over the festive period are with my family. 

I’ll start with the most important family tradition. The cheese puffs. So, every year without fail we all go up to my Nan and Grandads in the morning. Nanny always puts out a little spread. You know, tiny glass bowl with peanuts and cheese savouries in. However, what my cousins, aunties and uncles etc. are really waiting for are these little pastry/scone style inventions of my nans that she only makes once a year. CHEESE PUFFS. They disappear faster than those handfuls of snacks in the old glass bowls. Last year I didn’t get a single one and I’m still fuming about it. This year, GAME ON. 

I know I’ve just waffled on about food not family but its tradition you know. Nan always gets her camera out too bless her, every year we have to stand together while she winds up her disposable and god knows how blurry they come out but I love it all the same. 

One year we had all my mums side of the family up and my mum had to cook for about 20 people. WHAT A LEDGE. God help me when I get to that stage in life. Lets be honest, Lisa will probably still do it for me. LOVE YOU MUM.  I do love having a big family at this time of year. I dont care how many people I have to hug hello and goodbye, or tell them what I’m up to now. 

Another little tradition we always used to do was the cinema on Christmas eve, my mum, two brothers and I. EVERY BLOODY YEAR there was an argument about something but we’d always come out of the film happy as larry, go home and do the sneaky opening of one present the night before. Yep you guessed it. PJ’s every time. SNUGS. 

Theres nothing better than a good old game at Christmas either. I mean, countless families will fall apart over monopoly this year, so I’m avoiding that one! Last year we played pie face (not the one with specs on) and articulate which was bloody hilarious. This year, Lisa’s bought Game of Thrones Cluedo. Can you believe I’ve never played cluedo in my life?! I am a little ashamed tbh. BRING IT ON. 

So I can’t bloody wait to see all the fam again this year, it’s a little heartbreaking as I’m getting older because I just don’t get the time to see everyone. Big up all you retail workers. Infact anyone who works over Christmas eve, day and Boxing day. LEGENDS. 

Now, before I finish this fab family post, I think its important to talk about people who have no family this year. People who are on their own or have lost loved ones. People who have no home to go to. If you know of anyone on their own, or if you can do anything to help someone you don’t know. Please do.

Christmas is a magical time of year peeps. 

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