Look at me still going strong. 4 days commitment. Probably the most committed I've ever been to anything in my life. HA! 

Yes I do have to big myself up at the beginning of every Blogmas post. DEAL WITH IT. 

Just quickly, I bought this dress on a whim in Primark and I kid you not 4 other people have gone and bought it since. What can I say. STYLE ICON. So cute for £13 right?! When will I get my official title for queen of the bargains?! Soon I hope.

So, today I have been Christmas shopping! Well, I say Christmas shopping…

 I thought I’d venture down to Southampton because the shopping is INSANE. If you haven't been, you need to go! 

Also, I used to work and live there so I thought I’d come and see all my beautiful chums. 2 birds, 1 stone. 

I have literally bought 1 present so far for everyone and thought I could smash it out today. It didn’t go to plan… I bought one more present for my mum and thats it! The other 4 (BIG) bags of shopping, well thats all for Liv. 

Naughty I know, but you know what. It’s Christmas. We all deserve to treat ourselves, and when you work full time, you want to be able to splurge on yourself a little! AMIRIGHT?!

Most of the time, I end up taking half the stuff I buy back anyway. I’m not big on trying on because the mirrors are too honest. Know what I mean?! You need the comfort of your own home. 

Which leaves me a big job of some last minute panic buys. I do this every year!? I don’t know if I’ll ever change but I have a plan. 

I have to buy for my mum and dad and two brothers and then I’ll pick up a few bits for my besties and godson. I work in a shoe shop so thats mum and dad sorted and then my brothers both have their little niches they are in to. You know what boys are like. Marvel everything, Star Wars everything. Then I can just buy some nice basics, socks, sweets, stocking fillers you know.

As for my besties, well as you’s expect, we know each other like the back of our hands so I’m counting on my last minute hookups. ASOS premier. If you know. You know. Amazon prime, an absolute godsend, you can literally buy ANYTHING. 

I think as long as you have a plan and an idea of what to buy its okay, and you know what, I’m sure I’ll get a little bit of dollar from the fam over the festive period so that can be what I’ve spent today. 

Yes I am waffling and trying to justify my splurges but you know what. You are all gonna love what I’ve bought. I can't wait to create loads of new content and share it with you all. 

Lets just say, my boot buying is drawing to an end. I did buy a pair for £6 today though. £6 ladies and gents. BARGAIN CITY. 

But for now, the new coats cometh. 3 in one day. I’m not sorry. They’re amazing. 

So wish me luck on my long train home with all the bags! But first I’m off for a beer at the German market! BEERS BEERS BEEEEERS. 

I hope you guys have gone out and treated yourself this christmas and if you haven't, then make plans to do just that. 

I know EVERYONE deserves a special something at this time of year. 


Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. 

Maybe next year I’ll be better… 
Maybe not.  

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