Right then ladies and gents, if you hadn't realised, its December, ALREADY.

I think you all know by now I could never commit to a blogmas (let alone a bloody vlogmas!) but I wanted to do something festive or challenging for the occasion. So I'm attempting a 7 posts in 7 days before x-mas! None of my outfits are sadly particularly Christmassy but my topics will be so be sure to click back tomorrow! Wish me luck!  


Everyone reflects in December so it's only right that I look back at the year and see what I've achieved.

In January, I made myself some 'Guidelines' rather than resolutions and then planned to review them in July, well in classic Liv style, I forgot. UNTIL NOW...

(plz excuse photos of le cat. She photobombed so I made her join in.)
So last year, I vowed to...
  1. Save money. 
  2. Pass my driving theory. 
  3. Start kickboxing again. 
  4. Learn another language
  5. Let it go. 
Firstly, I wanted to save in order to travel. Which I definitely did! I went to Thailand in July (If you didn't know) and visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Phangang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Thats that one well and truly ticked off. 

Going forward, I really would like to start saving money and because I have caught the bug now, I'd love to get out the country at least twice next year! Here's hoping! 

Second of all, never bloody happened did it. Life just passes us by though doesn't it! Next year for definite I need to get myself in a bloody vehicle. I have well and truly had it with trains. 

Kickboxing, never really happened to be honest, I had a few random spurts of going to the gym and I will get back into it eventually, its just a phase thing with me. I would like to be more consistent next year because despite it seeming like a chore, I do enjoy it. 

ALSO, just incase you haven't seen me mention it, my bestie is the world champion. So it seems only right I take up the gloves again. GEM get those pads out!! 

Learning another language was a no. I did download a few apps and had a go a couple of times but yeah, I might have to leave this one for now. I'll just sing all the words to Reggaeton Lento and Despacito. That counts right?!

Honestly though, the best way to learn anything must be through the medium of music. That shit stays with you! I still want to learn the periodic table song. Maybe that can be a new “guideline” ...

Lastly I wanted to stop letting little things bother me and I think maybe I’ve succeeded?! This was quite a vague one. I guess I faff a little less and it doesn’t bother me as much if my eyebrows (or eyeliner flicks) are sisters not twins.

I also dropped at the end that I wanted a tattoo.

Still never got one.


So that’s about it my little cherubs.

Now to cook up some more unachievable goals for 2018.

Don't forget there will be a brand new post up tomorrow!

Hope you like them! 

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