I'm crashing. 

I'm taking todays (tonights) post in a completely different direction.  

I've now decided to reschedule the planned post for Friday and just ramble to you instead. 

That okay?! 

Cool. Cheers. Nice one lads. 

So, first of all I'd like to apologise that the jumper looks a little oversaturated and weird. I had to compromise shadows and exposure when editing because I lost a lot of light during shooting and the photos were a little dark! FORGIVE MEH PLZ!

Secondly I'd like to take back my apology because I did the best with the time that I had. Call me Demi Levato. COS BABY I'M SORRY. I'M NOT SORRY.

Next of all, whats the opinion on the boots? I've wanted a stiletto pair for a while but I also wanted to try this kitten heel trend. I think they kind of slot in-between the two... Anyway, I think they look much sassier in person and if anything a little higher! For 13 quid you can't go wrong! 

Last of all, the hair. I had one of those miracle moments when you bung it up and look in the mirror like "YAAASSS, the hurr looks kinda great and I didn't even bloody try" A real high-five yourself moment you know. 

I thought I'd change it up you know, pop the hair in a messy bun and put my sassy black frame specs on to keep you interested. Did it work? Of course. 

Lastly, I just want to do a little shoutout to all the bloggers who still work bloody hard, full time, in their day to day jobs, whilst constantly putting effort into creating content because its what they love. Especially over Christmas with the added pressure of vlogmas, blogmas, etc. and setting aside time to spend with loved ones. 

All you full time workers and students actually, (keeping up with a degree and blogging is bloody hard!) I SALUTE YA AND SEND BIG LOVE. 

So there we have it, day 3 I cracked a little under pressure.

Not very festive today but then again...


Nailed it. 

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  1. Anonymous21.12.17

    You look amazing!!! First of all your photos look great! Secondly, them boots are gorgeous! Thirdly, before you even mentioned your hair I was going to comment on it! Love it up looks so beaut and fourthly I love your glasses babe!!!! 😎😎😎😎 and thanks for the little shoutout to all the other bloggers! I'm gonna get my game on again next year now!!!! Try shoot some content for my Insta over the end of December!

    Merry Christmas babe ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great post x


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