DAY 2.

I’m actually really enjoying this challenge!

Dont get me wrong, I am frantically thinking up ideas, typing like a madman, fretting over having enough content etc. But you know I’m a last minute gal. Don’t expect anything less. 

Today I think it would be a little bit cute if we talked about those things you do in the winter that make you feel all Christmassy and snuggly. Basically the best things about Winter. 

I’m typing this up in my staffroom at work with my coat on, my fingers are basically freezing to my keyboard, (exaggerate much?!) so you have to appreciate how hard it is to talk about the lovely Winter, when my nipples could cut glass its so bloody cold. TMI?! Not soz.

What I am craving SO MUCH right now. Being under a blanket (or duvet) on the sofa, with the open fire/log-burner on. Right where I was this Sunday just gone, waiting for my favourite roast. What could be more wintery and snug and cosy and mmm. LOVE IT. 

Winter Wonderland. What could make you feel more Christmassy than a million lights and sparkles and festive fun. If you hadn’t already guessed, my favourite part is the Bavarian Village. BEERS BEERS BEERS. Love that place! You def won’t catch me at the ice skating rink! CLUMSY remember!

Snow. I haven’t actually seen any real snow this winter. GUTTED. But theres nothing better than wrapping up in 5 million layers and going to the nearest green, park, common to have a snowball fight. Or make a snowman?! I know its bloody freezing but its gotta be done! ALSO, SLEDGING. I remember seeing someone using a car bonnet once?! Worked a dream tho! Then you go home and get the hot chocolates out to warm up. PERFECT DAY. 

Decorating. The tree, the house, EVERYTHING! Nothing gets you in the spirit more than dusting off all your favourite baubles and hanging them up. We haven’t got a tree this year and we probably won’t get one because my house is only little! But I don’t mind! Mummas got her favourite baubles hanging from our light fixture, the Christmas candles out and my favourite silly singing Christmas trees. I love all that annoying shit. 

Christmas eve. The best night of the year. The pubs are rammed, it takes bloody forever to get a drink at the bar and you see people you haven't seen in bloody ages. The same annoying conversation with every person! HIYA, HOW ARE YOU, YEAH GOOD YOU, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW? ETC… It’s gotta be done! My glasses steam up every time I walk into a different room. Bloody nightmare. Always gets a laugh tho. 

This one is VERY important. THE FOOD. Omg xmas dinner I could go on about for-EVER. Pigs in blankets. GIMMEH. Also, very conveniently I live opposite Lidl and they make the best Lebkuchen and they start bringing it out in like September. Cannot get enough. Goes down a treat with a cuppa tea. YUM. 

I thought I’d conclude on 7, as its a 7 day blogmas and 7 is my lucky number. SO WHY THE F NOT! My last little winter warmer is music and films. I love a good Christmas song I do. It is bloody driving me nuts at work mind. I’ve had Michael Bublé on repeat since the 1st of November, but I will still happily sing along to Mariah. As for films, I’ve already watched Elf, Home Alone 1 & 2, The Holiday and The Grinch. Probs gonna watch Love Actually tonight, because its really is one of the best! I think I’m missing a coupla good’uns! Let me know which ones I’ve forgotten to watch/mention!

So thats it my lovelies! I hope you enjoy Day 2’s post. 

I hope you like my cosy comfy mustard jumper and BANG BANG boots! 

Honestly though, they are savage aren't they! 


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  1. Cool post girl! Although we don't have such cold winter like you, number one is totally my favourite thing about winter :)



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