Enter - yet another social media app...

SOOOO, today, I'm going to write about social media, post it on social media and then promote it on another form of social media... Is that Inception?! (I'm still yet to see the film...) or just plain old irony?!

I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, while it’s still rolling, talk to you a little about Vero. 

And, just like you, I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, not another one to keep up with. Is this app just going to fizzle out like so many before it?!

Well of course I had to have a go... I mean, it was Sunday, the only thing on the agenda for the day was being a sloth on the sofa. 

So I did a little research, read a couple of articles, and just like being invited to go down the pub, I was easily persuaded... so I downloaded the app!

So far, these are the things I’m loving..

  • No shitty algorithm. - CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER, we luv u. I definitely think this is what has all of us instagram lovers/haters signing up. (That and its a trend right? we luv trends.)
  • Links. - you can upload a YouTube video or new blog post, straight to your feed. Instagram won’t even let us link in a caption. DAFUQ. 
  • Different media. - so far, I’ve posted what movie I’ve watched, what I’m reading, what music I’m listening to as well as just a plain old photo. Kinda loving that you can do all of that. 
  • Collections. - so, a little like Instagrams "saved" feature and a little like Pinterest boards. When you post, the app groups all of your media together. 

and just as I’m in the middle of typing what I love about the app, it crashes and refuses to log me in. Here’s what I’m not loving... 

  • Slow. - I know I should be patient. The apps gained a lot of interest over the last week, so servers are slow etc. But come on. If this is going to be the next big thing, it needs to catch up! 
  • Colour scheme. - It may be that I’m used to the clean cut, white background of the big three, Insta, Twitter and Facey B (yes the rhyme was intentional, I can’t help myself.) but I just don't know how I feel about this dark, translucent layering thing going on.
  • Sharing. - I'm not all that fussed about making "Connections" and categorising them into Closest Friends, Friends and Acquaintances. I understand that its so you can choose to share certain media with only a select few of your closest pals, but I just want to share with everyone. 

So, I'm giving it a go, I don't actually think it will take off, but who knows?!

I mean, are we all going social media mad? Constantly moaning over the format of one app. Demanding another should let us do certain things? and as for Snapchat?! WELL! If they change back to the previous update, does that mean that us, the public, may actually have a say in how these things are run?

Will Vero be the tipping point in the case of Instagram going back to chronological order?

Will Twitter finally let us edit a bloody tweet?

Or are we all just addicted and obsessed?

Honestly the amount of articles I read, podcasts I listen to, theories I test out for myself, it's never ending. Fussing over themes, when to post, how many times a day to post, what format should you shoot your content in or even what to shoot it with? My brain is fried...

Is Vero the answer?

We shall see...


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