This one goes out to the fashionistas.

I’m talking style icons gals and boys.

AND YES BEETLEJUICE IS ONE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! My Halloween outfit is sorted for the next few years...

I wanted to go through a list of all my faves past and present and tell you why I think they are fab, maybe you do too, or if you think I’ve missed one? Let me know!

First of all is Coco. I mean, it had to be really. Gabrielle Coco Chanel will forever be an icon due to her revolutionary style. Alongside Paul Poiret, she liberated women from the corseted silhouette, (Yes I did steal that one from Wikipedia. Soz.) was the making of probably the most famous fashion house and she will forever be remembered in those timeless pearls and unforgettable tweed suits.

Secondly we have Audrey Hepburn. She bought the LBD to life and for that, us ladies will be forever thankful. Also, she is SO BEAUT and her role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one everyone should see at least twice in their life. Mooooon Riverrrr.

Next is Marilyn. The gorgeous blonde hair, red lips and that beautiful body. Doing it for the curvy gals, and forever making any woman feel like a million dollars in a floaty white dress. Legend.

I didn’t intend on writing this in chronological order throughout time but here I am going from the 50’s to the 60’s. Twiggy. Legendary lashes, all sorts of fabulous makeup and hair looks and she taught us how to rock the epic mini dress/skirt. Cheers hun.

So, back when I was at uni, I remember getting this book out about style icons, (probably the only book I read at uni, and it was mostly pictures, LOL.) and Madonna was the final icon. She was dubbed ‘The Chameleon.’ due to her ever changing style.

I mean you can’t deny she changes it up and is memorable, from that fab 80s style in Desperately Seeking Susan, the AMAZING Jean Paul Gautier cone bra, to cowgirl chic alongside Ali G in the ‘Music’ video, to finally that BLOODY BRILLIANT cape moment at the Brits. I mean I know that wasn’t intentional... (was it?!) but honestly I will never get over it, soz Madge.

The next one is a little different and maybe a little unexpected but, THE FRESH PRINCE. I mean, all that nineties style, denim and colour. I’m all over it. Oh and I bloody love Will Smith! “iiiiin West Philadelphia born and raised...”

Now, this lot were iconic for a lot more than just style. The Spice Girls. We all had our fave didn’t we! Mine was Scary, big hair and all that leopard print just spoke to me. They taught us GIRL POWER, and it didn’t matter whether you wore a black LBD or adidas popper joggers, you looked FAB.


As we unintentionally creep closer to the present day, I should probably mention Kate Moss. Although her style doesn’t really reflect mine, she will forever be an icon and THE supermodel. Also, SJP goes without saying, or more importantly Carrie Bradshaw and all those fabulous (and terrible) outfits throughout SATC.

Growing up in the noughties my style inspirations were not ones to shout home about, and all I can really remember were the grungey fashions of Avril Lavigne. In fact, thinking back to some of the outfits I wore, I couldn't tell you what I was thinking. 

I guess nowadays there are so many influential men and women that we call style icons, its hard to pin down one or two. For me, Queen B and RiRi rarely get it wrong in the style stakes and despite how bizarre Lady Gaga is, you can't deny she is amazing. 

At present I guess I look to other bloggers as style icons, whether they have 2000 followers, or 152,000 followers. I love signing into the gram everyday and seeing what my favourite influencers are wearing and even who they are inspired by themselves. 

Now I could go on listing icons and chatting about reasons why forever. Hell I could write a dissertation, however I fear that I may be waffling. It's Sunday night, I meant to upload this post AGES ago but I got too engrossed in re-watching Friends that I didn't realise I hadn't posted until the 'continue playing' (cheeky bastard) sign popped up.

Anyway here we are. I hope you like the post and the outfit. 

I think I look like a Sassy Zebra.

Lots of love you icons!

Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetleju...


  1. You look great in this suit dear!


  2. Anonymous12.2.18

    Thought mum and her belly dancing get up would be top of the list for inspirational ����

    1. Omg! How could I forget my gorgeous Nanny! She is top of the list! I suppose you’re there too auntie mimi 🙄😏♥️


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