Good evening honey-pies!

I'm wearing the yellow cardi again, and I'm talking social media AGAIN. Let me know if I'm starting to get a bit repetitive yeah... 

Over the past week I thought I would conduct a little experiment pon de gram. 

I've heard, read and seen everywhere, that posts will perform better if you do this that or the other AAAAND to be quite honest I'm getting a little sick of it. 

Nevertheless, I took things into my own hands and decided to put these rumours to the test. 

The first one I heard was that your followers react better to pictures with you in. Because being a blogger on social media means, essentially you are your own brand right?! You are selling yourself. 

So I took a little look at my best performing pictures, engagement-wise they were all of me, a mixture of selfies and #ootd alike. So, simple as pie, this week I just posted pictures of myself. I didn't know exactly how to go about it, so there are some with my head chopped off but technically. It's still my body, which is still me so... yeh. 

But, I actually really struggled with the whole thing and I don't know whether it was the narcissistic side of it, because it was just photo after photo of just me. Which sounds crazy, because thats exactly what my blog is?! (tit) Or whether it was the whole paranoia of the way the grid looks?! - Also, why is that a thing? I even hate myself for thinking that. But it's true! Themes are real, people!  

Anyway, I did it and I do wish I could have some really helpful (and impressive) feedback for you all however, my statistics and figures on my Instagram, haven't really improved. 


I. Don't. Really. Care. 

That doesn't mean I don't care about my Instagram or my blog and brand, at all. 

I just learnt that Instagram has this algorithm, and is designed to be the way it is, for a reason. 

The purpose of instagram is in its name right, INSTA, it's supposed to be an on the spot sharing app, not a planned 3 times a day, everyday, pre-shot content, sharing app. That would have a shit name AMIRIGHT!? 

So if I want to post a picture of my pizza or my coffee, (Because what else would I take pictures of?!) then I'm just gonna bloody well do it. What I chose to share shows a little of who I am and that should be the reason people follow me right?! Because they like me as a person. A person who has great taste in food. 

I keep telling myself to be more laid back when it comes to social media, and I actually think it performs better when I am... (I see experiment no. 2 on the horizon...) 

For now, I'm enjoying engaging with other users and seeing their amazing styles, images and everything else! But even more so, creating content that I like, on my terms.  

Don't let the Insta get you down. 

Lotsa love.

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