First of all, THANK YOU ALL for the response to my last post on self love. Means the world!

I thought I'd better carry on with the subject, so without further ado...

Today I thought I'd talk about shape.

Do you remember when Gok Wan and Trinny and Susannah's TV shows were all the rage? (I'm sure I've spoken about this before, just tell me if I'm repeating myself...) I seem to remember them talking about dressing for your shape and putting us women into different categories... In fact, I just googled it and the first thing that came up was "Trinny and Susannah reveal 12 women's body types - which one are you?" -  told you. 

The hourglass, the apple, pear, the triangle... the list goes on. Why are we divided up like that?

Anyway, compared to when I was growing up, being bigger is now more widely accepted. There are more high street retailers selling bigger sizes than ever before, 'plus size' models, used in magazines and in tv campaigns and its BLOODY FAB. 

Also, I just want to say, in no way am I slamming anyone who is naturally slim and slender. I think body shaming goes both ways, and is on both ends of the spectrum. I just find myself talking about the curvier side because its what I am and what I know. We need to remember Every body is beautiful. 

My point is, although most brands are now supporting diversity and equality in their campaigns. When a lot of them do branch out, I see the same curvy girl in them. The big boobs, tiny waist, big hips and bum (essentially, the hourglass.) and thats fab, its a start, but we don't all look like that. 

Christ it sounds like I'm never happy! I just think if we have come this far, lets do it right. 

Sometimes I think its about body shapes as trends. I remember researching this a little when I was at uni and I found this page... "Women's ideal body types throughout history" - I hate that word 'ideal.' Ideal for who mate?! The article talks about what influenced women at the time to be a certain shape, most of which were influenced by people. From Marilyn and her curves to Twiggy and her petite frame. 

Nowadays, you could say the hourglass is the most influential and maybe its because of celebrities like the Kardashians, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj etc. They are SO influential because of their status, just like Marilyn and Twiggy were. A lot of people desire to look like them and be like them. 

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at these women and thought, I WISH I LOOKED LIKE THAT, hell I even bought a waist trainer and worn it on nights out, to get this 'ideal' shape. My friends know I love my spanx too aaaand lord knows why but I love flashing it to them?! Not okay Liv... Put. It. Away. (Alcohol is great isn't it.) 

Before I get off track, (too late) I just want to say that, I still wear all of this when I'm not having a good day, its a little like a suit of armour. Hard to take off when your fighting a battle right? But more and more I look in the mirror and realise its okay to take of the breast plate. Let my guard down and celebrate all my jiggly bits. However, always keep my sword ready for the fight for equality. (cringing'ell, I took the metaphor too far didn't I...) 

I know I don't look like these women and I don't have their talent or success, (yet) but thats okay. I know I can be successful and talented just by looking like me. As can you. No matter what type of fruit we resemble. Apples and pears will always be cockney rhyming slang to me anyway, not a category to define what I look like. 

Men and women are all different shapes and sizes. Big arms but small legs, big bum but no boobs, I could go on. We all have lumps and bumps, (my hump, my hump, my hump) parts of our body we are insecure of, but shouldn't be. 

They should be celebrated and I really think if we started to show this as normality then it wouldn't be such an issue.

Seeing influencers on the social media celebrate their 'unconventional' shapes has really helped me. I'm not any less worthy of success, love or happiness because I am tall, I have a tummy and big legs. I'm still hugely insecure about a lot of my body, but like I said last time, self love is a journey.

Although we may experience trolls and shaming, the internet can be a great thing to help you. I'll link my favourite accounts at the bottom because they are too good to miss. 

Thats about it my loves. I'm sorry my writing is a little off tangent here and there, it's just the way my mind works! 

Hope you like the post!


Danielle Vanier (@daniellevanier) and Callie Thorpe (@calliethorpe) are two plus size women (who are also besties - LOVE) who are both bloggers, ambassadors and more celebrating their size and living their best lives, securing campaigns with Nike, M&S and so much more. Love these two

Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower) is another women who I admire SO MUCH. She campaigns for equality and is bloody good at it and I am in love with her latest movement #SaggyBoobsMatter - YES QUEEN. THEY DO. 

Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda) has the most wonderful instagram, I love her shimmy, shake, jiggle videos! You need to check her out! She continues to inspire me with all her body positive and feminist posts.

Grace Victory (@gracefvictory) is a blogger, presenter, and all round gorgeous woman who talks about the importance of self care and body positivity. This girls style too... flawlessssss.

Tevin "Milo" Evans (@fatchuckbass) is a male model and mens style influencer, who absolutely SLAYS. LOVE YOUR WORK HONEY!

Holly White (@hollyrebeccawhite) is a model and blogger, who continues to share her journey of self love and I just adore her content. Her latest blog post is defo one worth reading too! (Click here.

All these lovelies continue to help me on my journey of self love. Hope you love them as much as I do! 



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